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About Us

Lea Ziegler

Lea is an experienced Behavior Technician, Special Education Teacher, and speaker on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Education. She conducts award-winning research on inclusive teaching practices and intervention techniques for students with special needs. She is experienced at the elementary, middle, and high school levels; has worked with clients from preschool through adulthood; and has taught in private, clinic, and public school settings in Spanish and English. Lea loves to find creative ways to help students and educators achieve their highest potential.

Owen Ziegler

Owen is a professional interpreter/translator with Bachelor's degrees in International Affairs and Spanish/Portuguese. He has six years of professional experience in legal document translation and has been formally trained as a Spanish interpreter for the U.S. Immigration Court system (Executive Office for Immigration Review). He has been a Certified Notary Public of Colorado since 2014. Owen volunteers his services with the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN), the Colorado LGBT Bar Association, and the Colorado Name Change Project. Owen speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently.

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