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Award Winning Research

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Partner Takes 2nd Place at CU Denver's RACAS Research Symposium

Lea and her research mentor, Dr. Amy Boele

Lea Ziegler, partner and education specialist at Z Cultural Services, LLC, shot CU Denver's School of Education into the spotlight in April by placing 2nd in the Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences poster division at CU Denver's Research and Creative Activities Symposium.

"Using qualitative research methods while at her internship site, she found that cultural competence and wide representation of identities in a classroom help students build self-confidence. Additionally, differentiated instruction and relationships work to increase students' engagement in the instructional environment. Lea demonstrated an animated and compelling posture in her verbal explanations of her project with attendees at the symposium."

Lea placed alongside undergraduate research projects across disciplines for her "standout" work in the field of diversity in education, through her research titled "Inclusionary Practices in the Classroom". CU Denver Today reported on her work.

Striving for Better Education

Lea worked under the mentorship of Dr. Amy Boelé, a Harvard published educator and assistant professor at CU Denver. Together they continue to conduct research on diverse students and culturally literate pedagogy.

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