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USCIS Certified Document Translations

How do you know if your translation meets all the requirements for U.S. immigration applications?

Filling out an application
File things right the first time.

Navigating immigration applications and requirements in the U.S. can be complicated. Make sure you know the requirements for submitting translated documents to the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Service (#USCIS) before you send your application.

Some agencies will try to convince you that you have to pay a professional to get your documents translated. That's not exactly the case. According to the USCIS website and Foreign Affairs Manual, as of the date of publication, a certificate of translation is defined as:

A formal statement in which a translator shows that they have accurately translated a foreign-language document into English. Any foreign language document must be accompanied by a full English translation that the translator has certified as complete and correct, and by the translator's certification that they are competent to translate the foreign language into English.

So what does this mean for you?

Certified Translations vs. Certified Translators

A certified translation is one that comes with a certificate of accuracy and completeness. In some instances it also has to certify the translator's competency. Luckily, USCIS will accept a translation from anyone as long as they provide the required certificate of translation. (#USCIS #certified #translation)

Make sure to stay up-to date on the law and requirements, or hire a professional to do it for you. Contact us today for your affordable quote.

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